Still Alive… Part 2


In 2016 I started on a Ketogenic diet.  While I lost a bit of weight, I also found I had hours of energy while swimming and cycling without the need for carbs and sugar. I am currently even further than this image, at 266 pounds.

In last Thursday’s post I hurriedly summarized the end of the year and circumstances that developed as I headed into the end of the year.  As I headed into December of 2015 I found myself injured and getting slower.  I decided I needed to take some time off and heal up.  I assessed the issue and determined a few possible causes, all of which I  figured would heal with time.  Mixed with no activity and terrible eating habits, I finished up 2015 at a whopping 310 pounds, my heaviest weight since 2013.  Without running or a goal to strive for I was lost.
As January started I decided I would take advantage of the time off and focus on slimming down and building some muscle mass.  I carefully planned a weight lifting regiment that would put little strain on my injury.  My diet remained the only challenge remaining.  I saw a good friend of mine shed some major weight with a ketogenic diet, and had started coaching others through the process. The idea of a ketogenic diet relies on eating less than 25 grams of carbs a day and getting a good balance of protein and fats for the remaining calories.  The weight loss results intrigued me, but I became more interested in its potential fueling capabilities on long runs.
Armed with new knowledge my diet underwent a ketogenic overhaul and my workouts went from cardio heavy to weight lifting heavy.  I found I could swim and cycle with minimal pain.  By the end of January I was lifting weights in a twice a week split mixed with spin cycle and swimming workouts peppered in.  But I realized I still needed a larger goal than just weight loss.

For the first 4 months of the year I was lifting very heavy weights, with multiple exercises per body part. In May I switched up to lighter weights as I increased my swimming yardage with less muscle fatigue, in preparation for races. My triceps and arms are starting to show some progress.

My injury restricted my ability to run, but I found swimming put little stress on the injury.  A few years ago I swam frequently for triathlons, my longest involving a mile in the ocean. I decided my goal for the first part of this year would involve swimming a 5k open water race, something I could train for while I healed and lost weight.  I chose my event (there are not many to choose from in GA) and then put together a plan.  I found reason to hit the gym and to train.
Eventually I visited the doctor and was diagnosed with a pinch nerve in my Lumbar.  Armed with the knowledge of the injury and numerous visits the physical therapists I am healing up slowly.  I figure I should be able to run again and maybe train for a fall race.  At this point I am focussed on the 5k open water swim and maybe a few light runs. I do not think I will return to running where it consumes my life as much as it did last year. Less is more is now my motto. … less is more.
So now I think I have done a fairly quick job at catch up and maybe I can share some of my crazy adventures I missed sharing last year and new adventures I am having this year.  This weekend I finished a big swimming mile stone on my way to my open water 5k, more on that in a later post.  Great to be back.
Til next time…

7 comments on “Still Alive… Part 2

  1. bgddyjim

    It used to drive me nuts when you’d write about needing a Gu to complete a 5k… I’d mildly mentioned it a few times but in the end, I decided you had the bug enough that eventually you’d get it. I’m truly glad for you, brother. You’ve come a long way. That’s a lot of weight you’ve dropped right there. Chapeau.

    1. Chatter Post author

      I hear ya. Up till the start of this year I felt carbs were necessary for performance. After several months with extreme carb limitation and hours of cycling and swimming with minimal food (nuts and a slim Jim most often), I believe otherwise. This entire process takes time and a continual growth. I’m in a good place now for my next phase of progresses add an athlete. Thanks brother.

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