My Big Goal for Early 2015`

Usually I would share a wrap up of the currently ending year before preceding with my goals and aspirations for the next, but I am really excited about a big early season race and figured I would share a quick video of this race.  Earlier this year I won an entry into any race Rainshadow has, including sold out and lottery races.  I knew immediately I wanted to run the Gorge Falls 50k on March 29th and so I contacted them and now I am registered into that race at the end of March.  This will be a major event for me as its on the other side of the country (I live in Atlanta, GA) in the Cascade Locks area of Oregon outside of Troutdale.  I am still in the planning stages of my trip, and training plan, but I just wanted to share an awesome video of this race I will be lucky to race in.

Shortly I will get  my 2014  season recap up, but as I said I really am excited about this race and wanted to share the excitement. Til Next Time.

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