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Last week I concluded the second week of my ‘Ultra’ based running program and closing out my numbers for July.  It has been a while since I posted any of my numbers on this site, but now that I am focused on a very difficult goal I figured it might be good to at least reflect a bit on the state of my current running program and my expectations going forward.
Previous to two weeks ago I was still in triathlon mode and my focus on splitting my time between bike, run and swim lied at the heart of my training motivations.  Now the big focus is preparation for my big jump from half marathons to the lowest ultra distance, the 50k.  With this shift in focus I have reduced my demand to get miles on the bike. I love cycling but I have to focus on what will get me successfully to the finish line in November, which means I will have to make a few sacrifices along the way, including racing less so I may get my long run completed for the week as this is the core of my workout.
CompletedComponentsThe chart above shows the breakdown of components compared to hours over time.  As I entered into my first and later second triathlon I still spent allot of time on the bike.  I am going to miss riding as much pushing forward, but I will try to still get a ride in when possible.  One thing I think will change in the coming months will be an increase in swim time as its low impact and can fill up an off day, providing a bit of active recovery.  Of course the big focus has been ramping up my running mileage while I figured out my year end goal, the following chart demonstrates that increase.
MilesPerMonthPrevious to July, where I started running closer to 50 miles a week towards the end, I pretty much was holding steadily at about 90-100 miles a month.  This will provide a great base to add mileage, pushing me closer to 150 miles or more per month.  The running plan I am using highly suggests about 45 to 40 miles a week with a Saturday long run and Sunday dead leg run.   In the following months this chart will spike closer to the 200 miles as I get closer to my race date.
RunningToDateLast year I ran a total of 307 miles.  Starting this year i knew I would plan something big for the end of the year but I was uncertain what that would entail.  At the beginning of the year I figured a jump to about 800 miles for the year would be a good progression.  Turns out as I started running twenty to thirty miles a week, the first goal shrunk faster than I was expecting. At the present moment I have ran a total of 711 miles, just a bit under a hundred shy of my first goal distance for the year of 800 miles.  At this rate I will should be able to exceed my secondary goal of 1000 miles by the end of the year or sooner.
With two weeks of my Ultra training plan in the books I realize this will be a challenge.  But looking back I know I have prepared myself for this race and the challenge involved jumping from half marathon distance straight up to 31 miles.  I know this transition to ultra will reduce my time on the bike and my last triathlon will suffer a little bit from the lack of focus.  The big goal for now has to be this 50k race and everything the preparation will entail.Til next time.

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