Just One of Those Days

Last several weeks run breakdown.

Last several weeks run breakdown.

I awoke this morning at my usual 5AM time with the goal of getting to the gym and swimming.  As soon as the alarm went off I rolled my legs out of bed and right away I knew I needed to just sleep in and skip the morning swim.  I hate missing workouts, but there are times where its not sleeping in but recovery… this morning was one of those mornings.
In preparation for Ragnar and my third half marathon for the year in April, as well as my triathlon season the month after, I have been heavily focused on the run.  Last year  I ran 302 miles total, averaging around 10 or few miles per week.  In comparison, this year I am averaging 20-30 miles a week and my monthly averages have been in the 80 mile or higher range.  I am currently on track to exceed my 800 mile yearly goal.  Additionally, up to this month I have been getting at least an hour or two of spin time and at least one session in the pool for the week, plus Pilates and strength training.  I have been very busy this year.
Monthly miles for 2014.

Monthly running miles for 2014. I still have a weekend run and another week for this month.

Without a long race for the month I decided this month to tackle one of my bigger goals for the year, running 20 miles in one day.  This last Saturday I had a nice little day long adventure running around Rydel Georgia completing a 20 mile run (details here).  Sunday I was feeling a bit sore, but nothing debilitating. Regardless I took the day off and on Monday did an hour of spin at a low gear, high cadence.  By Tuesday my legs were feeling fine so I pushed on with my training running five miles on the trails.  After my normal weights and Pilates hours at the gym I went home feeling really tired and worn out.  The next morning my legs felt far from fresh but able to run. So I did my Wednesday split routine where I cover four miles in the morning and four miles in the afternoon.  Of course the signals of tired muscles were evident as my running split times were down by a minute.  This morning was supposed to be a swim workout but my body pleaded for me to go back to bed and get a little bit of rest.
I hate missing workouts, but if I have learned anything in the past two years, its how to listen to my body. When I first started pushing my run and workouts, I stopped at the smallest whimper, afraid of injuring myself.   With time I now have learned when to ignore and push and really when to back off.  Besides the physical acts, this last two years has really been about becoming better at interpreting the bodies signals and knowing when they are real and false. At this point in my training I know when I can try to push and when I need to back off.
This morning was one of those true back off moments.  My body was screaming that the rest I had was not enough.  I knew that all I had to do to make it right was to back off and give it a bit more rest.  Two hours later I woke up and everything felt better, not 100 percent, but better.  At this point I am not worried, I have Friday off as the wife and I are going camping for the weekend.  Saturday I will get my final seven miles for the week  and then Sunday is another rest day before I shoot for a last thirty mile week before Ragnar week.  Should be fun and relaxing.  Really looking forward to time with the wife and a chance to run somewhere new. Til next time.

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