Out With The Old…

Me in my singlet, yes I still have a non-flattering mid section but its a work in progress.

I finished my first Triathlon. I would go on to complete 3 more sprint triathlons.

And in with the new.  Next week is New Years, which means new goals and new focus.  Hard to believe 2013 is finally on the way out.
Personally, 2013 (I also mean October 2012 to present since I had an odd start date for this year’s athletic program) simply was an amazing year for me.  I finally broke my nicotine habit and transformed myself from a couch potato to an athlete/triathlete/runner…  I had no idea when I started this adventure back in 2012 that 2013 would be so incredibly awesome.  At that initial point in 2012, with very little belief and numerous failed to realize goals and dreams of the past, I set myself the task of completing a 5k running race.  That little running race goal morphed into a triathlon and eventually into a season of triathlons.   With that simple progression of goals I transformed my life forever.  I went from never being athletic, a hopeless couch potato,transformed into a triathlete, runner and fitness addict.

2013 Hightlights

  • 7 5k Running races
  • 1 10 Running Race
  • 1 15k Running Race
  • 1 1/2 Marathon Running Race
  • 2 Cycling Events (38 miles and 48 miles) both in tornado level winds and heavy rain.
  • 4 Sprint Triathlons and 1 unfinished Olympic (tire issues took me out)
  • 1st Double digit run
  • 1st mile swim in ocean
  • 1st 20 mile running week

Looking at the list, its obvious the goals this year focused on ‘First’ for everything.  Of course that was because everything was new and all I had to do was complete each event.  There were numerous sprint and 5k running races that provided a staple of steady and measurable racing progress, but most of the year was all about completing ‘firsts’.  

Me and Zero, my bike.  I finally got down to 290 pounds.

My wife snapped this picture just as I was getting ready to leave. I am now down to 290 lbs.

Because 2013 focused on becoming athletic, learning how to set and live by goals and completing numerous first that I never realized I was capable, 2014 will require a different kind of goal.  For 2014 I have decided to not add any new triathlon or running distances, instead I want to focus on getting better in each discipline.  Hence the theme for 2014 for me is ‘better’. I believe everything I have pushed myself to achieve this year provides a strong back bone to build additional strength onto.  I want to be faster and stronger in 2014 and perform better than I did this year.
When I set up my program for this year I did not know what I was capable of achieving and I did not have any base numbers for comparisons.  Accordingly I set my goals and workouts around a balanced volume or hourly approach for each of the three triathlon disciplines.  Thus I performed three swims, three bikes and three runs each week.  This year I have decided I can get the greatest benefit by focusing more of my time on my running performance and thus less time on cycling and swimming.  This means that each session of spinning or cycling and swimming will have to be very technique focused to provide maximal benefit.

Goals for 2014

  • Be USAT ranked for a second year with greater mix of international and sprint distance races
  • 30 Minute 5k – not sure if this is doable, but I am going to work my tail off to try and make it as close as possible.
  • Complete 3 half marathons in 90 days.  This will kick my 2014 off before my triathlon season starts.
  • In sprint triathlons I want to complete them under 2 hours, close to an hour and forty five minutes.  This will depend on distance of course, but I really want to reduce my times this year.
  • In Olympic/International triathlons my goal is to finish my first one and then work to finish as close to three hours as possible.
  • Finish the Amelia Man Triathlon which I did not finish last year
  • 800 Miles of Running
  • 1000 Miles biking
  • 100 miles swimming
  • In cycling, 2013 I averaged 12.6 mph.  2014 I want to get up to 14-15 Mph.

Unlike 2013, I have numbers going into 2014 to base goal numbers on.  These numbers are challenging and should be fun to try and reach.  Last year I only had 350 miles of running, 850 miles of biking and 88 miles of swimming.  The 2014 numbers are ambitious, but I believe with discipline and good monthly and weekly goals I should be successful at achieving them.

One of my favorite pictures from my cycling rides this year.

One of my favorite pictures from my cycling rides this year.

The first four months of 2014 should be challenging as I set a goal of achieving three half marathons in 90 days that I am doing with some of my run friends.  The run is a major focus for me this year and I aim to get about 20-30 miles of running in per week this year.  I feel that through running I will be able to more effectively shave time off of my triathlon performance and I should see the results in my bike times as well as run times.
I surprised myself and finished my first half marathon on Thanksgiving day.

I surprised myself and finished my first half marathon on Thanksgiving day.

2013 was an amazing year that I got to share with allot of new and old fellow bloggers.  Without the WordPress triathlon/fitness community, my wife  and my local running friends this adventure would be really lonely.  I have loved sharing this initial adventure with you this year and hope to continue to share my new challenges as we head into 2014.  I have some pretty tough goals and races lined up for this year, but it will definitely be challenging and rewarding.  I am excited to progress into 2014 after successfully completing so much in my inaugural athletic season and I am eager to face the new challenges of 2014 as I strive to become a better triathlete, runner and athlete.  Here is to 2013 and the great year it has been and to 2014 and the amazing year it will be.
Til next time.

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  1. imarunner2012

    You had a great year and start. Having numbers to beat will be a great motivator for you. 95% of us are out there just to do better than we did last time. No gold medals, just victories.
    Happy New Year,

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