One More First for the Year!!!

Week3 NumbersI thought I had wrapped up all possible first for this year, last week proved me wrong as I ran a total of 20.7 miles.  To this point my running has hovered closer to  ten to fifteen miles a week and lacked consistency.  I have ran substantial (my definition of substantial is 9-13 miles) long runs and have done a variety of run workouts.  Part of the goal of my off season involved a new focus on developing a better running program that would lead to better consistency and hopefully faster times in the long run.  The first part of this plan involved running more often, thus increasing my mileage, and getting my base weekly running total mileage up between twenty to thirty miles.  Last week I ran back to back days for the first time and topped the weekend off with a nice long run of 13 miles totaling 20.7 miles!  This ended up being about three miles over my weekly goal of eighteen miles.
Besides the awesome running last week,not much else has been happening in my training.  On Tuesday I did get a 600 meter swim/1 hour spin class brick workout completed.  Add that on top of a three day running streak, and by the end of spin class my legs were toast.  I know I need to continue to push this mileage to further build consistency in my running and thus improving.  While I would love to say this was an easy accomplishment, it required some teeth gritting and gnashing to follow it to completion.
splitsThe icing on the cake came on Sunday as I completed my second 13.1 mile run ever.  Similar to the past two weeks it rained the entire run (I previously ran the Elf Trot 5k and a 7.5 mile long run in rain).  So many times I was tempted to push this to Christmas day, but I really wanted to hit my mileage goal and i felt good about the distance (my week starts on Monday).  Of course I ended up running all 13.1 miles in the down pouring rain.  Within an hour everything I had on was soaked and it was too late to consider turning around and heading back.  Off I went.


Decent amount of elevation on this run.

The area I was running in had some pretty good terrain.  Add that to the additional weight of water soaked clothes and I felt like I was carrying at least an extra twenty pounds.  My splits show how all the weather and terrain added pressure and slowed my run down.  After two hours (when you are slow, 13 miles is a huge deal as it can take over 3 1/2 hours to complete) my arms and back where my shorts rub began to form welts and rashes.  At the time I did not even focus on these, but put my head down and put in the miles.  After three hours and twenty minutes I headed back into the gym ready for solid food.  It was then that I realized my total mileage for the week.

zonesSo last week was a great week, I eeked out one more big first for 2013 before heading into the new year.  I began this morning with a weight session and realized my legs still felt strong.  I kept adding plates to the leg press and gave up when I had piled sixteen forty five pound plates onto the machine and had only a little difficulty getting my reps completed.  The rest of this week the focus is on maintaining twenty miles and maybe start to add some specific running workouts as well as the base runs.  Of course this might be difficult as tomorrow is Christmas Eve, followed by Christmas.  Might not get the balance of swim, spin and run but the focus right now is on running and getting a bit faster by the start of triathlon season.
For me this year has been an incredible year of firsts.  I thought I was done with my firsts for the year, but I managed to surprise myself one last time.  Til next time.

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  1. Sandra

    B E Y O N D A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! !
    I actually envied you a little as I read this–even as I returned from PT for my stupid heel which keeps me from running.
    I cannot wait to say I ran that far, too! CONGRATULATIONS! I am in awe!
    And you’re right. It does take some of us longer to finish, but dammit, it’s the same g.d. finish line! AM I RIGHT!!!??!! 🙂


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