Wrapping Up November… Hello December

CaptureLast week I concluded the last ‘first’ of my 2013 season as an athlete and triathlete with the conclusion of my first half marathon on Thanksgiving day (race recap here).  While the last major event of 2013 concluded I still have an additional month to go before starting my 2014 training.  While I have lightened my training load allot to focus primarily on running and weight lifting, I have refused to abandoned the process that has brought me so much success, weekly goal setting and reflection.
As mentioned previously, last weeks entire focus was centered on 13.1 miles of running through Atlanta.  I did not have any other loftier goals than to run the distance and then eat some turkey(I found turkey was a minor desire to my craving for carbs afterwards).  The taper and lead up to this major milestone was executed flawlessly and I was ready, able and prepared on race day.
This then leaves looking ahead at December which will be my final off season month before I have to start focusing on the 2014 race season.  Like this year I intend to put together a plan and give myself the tools necessary to execute that plan.  December technically is a setup month leading to January and the start of my 2014 season.  I only have one 5k race in December to wrap up my season, which will conclude running all the Kennesaw Grand Prix series races (6 in total).

First Week December Goals

  • Try to keep loosing weight.  Weight has been an odd thing for my and I found I was at 296 for a while.  Last month I reduced this to 290 and  I would like to continue to push this number lower towards the start of  my 2014 season.
  • Switch weight lifting from light, high repetitions to heavier repetitions.  Unlike last month the goal here is three to four set of ten to twelve reps at a heavier weight.
  • Continue to work on running, spinning and occasionally swimming.  I want to ramp my swimming up more by the end of this month.
  • Continue to develop a plan for next year and setup a race schedule.

Workout Schedule

  • Monday – Weights and Spin
  • Tuesday – Treadmill running and swimming/Evening Pilates
  • Wednesday – Spin and Swim
  • Thursday – Treadmill speed workout and spin/Evening spin class
  • Friday – Weights and swim
  • Saturday or Sunday – 5 mile run.

Its pretty basic week.  As I said, I wanted to try and work in a few more swim workouts back into my schedule.  Its the off season so I am not married to this schedule and will change it if I desire.  I had a great Thanksgiving and probably ate way too much and did nothing more than walk after the half for too long. I am eager to get back to the gym and to start tackling and preparing for the final 5k and next years race training.  Til next time.

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  1. bgddyjim

    You’ve been at 290 for quite a while now brother. Remember when I commented that I was worried you might be eating too much? That was quite a while ago my friend. You’ve gotta drop the Gu’s and energy bars for anything under a 10 miler. In fact, I drop all food for anything less than a 2 hour sustained effort. Finally, and this will be tough to do, get used to feeling a little bit hungry – especially after you’ve eaten – there’s a five minute lag between being full and feeling full. Main thing here is you’re putting in the effort, only thing left is to cut back on the food.
    Btw – don’t forget! You’re probably replacing fat with a lot of muscle… Muscle is denser than fat, so on and so forth. Don’t sweat the food thing too much, just cut it back a little bit. Good luck brother.

    1. Chatter Post author

      I remember well. As I had a working system in the middle of my triathlon season I did not want to mess with it too much. As I finished my last triathlon I did just as you recommended and up til I ran my first double digit run and my half marathon I cut out the gu and cliff bars entirely. I found that I was up a few pounds a few weeks ago, 296-294, largely because with the end of triathlon season I loosened up my eating habits. The beginning of last month I looked at my diet further and started to replace complex carbs with vegitables and other grains and dropped back down to 290 by the time I recently ran my half marathon. This last weekend has not been kind, but today I got back to work on my diet and simplifying my food, especially watching my calories and leaving the gels and bars alone. I appreciate the frank honesty and suggestions and I have allready begun to change the habits as I want to get lighter before next season. Right now my goal is to get to 286-288 stable weight by January. Supposedly some of the medicines I am on also caue some issues with water retention and weight loss. No excuses though, just need to stick to better carb sources and watch my calories,especially now that I am doing less. Thanks for watching my back and kicking my but when needed.

      1. bgddyjim

        Awesome brother, glad to hear that you’re hitting that gut where it hurts. You know how I work my friend, if I didn’t care, I’d just hit the like button an move on. I never even thought about the medicine angle. Be well brother

  2. imarunner2012im

    The great planning continues. That’s what it takes to be successful.
    My plan for the next month or so is to run 2-3 times per week, nothing over 6 miles. I’m in the gym 2-3 days a week now and working on my legs mostly. Core and upper body are what I do while I’m resting my legs.

    1. Chatter Post author

      I cannot stop the planning, even in the off season, its a habit by now. Sounds like a solid plan, you are doing some triathlons now as well or arn’t you.

      1. imarunner2012im

        I did mention somewhere along the line that I was thinking about one of the short ones. It’s still just an idea. I have a 20 year old bike and can keep my head above water, but need lots of work in those areas.
        I’m thinking of doing 3 marathons in 2014 and more halfs than I ran in 2013.
        We’ll see…

        1. Chatter Post author

          The sprint distances are a great way to start. I am so torn between being a runner and triathlete its hard to determine which one holds my heart more.

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