Lazy Week: Off Season Week 4

CaptureLast week I feel like I fell flat on all my goals.  Granted I got in some solid workouts, I still feel like I missed some of the ‘push’ or drive that my workouts usually have.  This is largely a result of the previous weeks ten mile run and my missing this weekends long run.  Of course both are linked together as I did not run or workout as hard this week because I felt the need to rest up and heal a little bit before going into this week.  Of course its my triathlon off season, just not my running season and I really only have two primary goals right now: weights and running.  At least one of those, weights, had decent movement this week.

In the off season I am using fewer Gels... found a place to keep some of them.

In the off season I am using fewer Gels… found a place to keep some of them.

Technically the week was fairly solid in all departments but running.  I managed to get a couple of good spin workouts in and a pilates session.  Additionally I completed two great weight sessions and I even managed to squeeze in 500 meters of speed laps in the pool, for which I broke my best 100 meter lap record at 1:58 down from 2:08.  Could I do it again, not sure.  I still did it and feel really great about it.  My running numbers are what have me down this week.
A few weeks ago when I ran my two 5k races in one day, only 18 hours apart, after the second, I began to feel a burning sensation in my right hip.  I rolled and stretched and iced and heated it back to health.  After my first 10 miler last weekend it flared back up, resulting in the focus of this week being low running mileage (a single speed session on the treadmill was the only running workout).  I wanted to get a 10k in this weekend, but I decided it would better to spend some time with the wife and letting the sore spot heal up a bit.  Not sure if this was wise, but I did what I did and now I have to live with it.
My overall goals for the next two weeks is to prepare for my first half marathon.  I tried looking at some plans and putting something together, but things get muddled when the race is not on a weekend,instead its on a weekday.  Most plans indicate I should have done my 10 or 11 this last weekend right before the race.  I am glad I did it a week ago, so I have some time to heal up and recuperate.  From now to Thanksgiving my single largest goal is to prepare for that half marathon.  At this point I am taking the good feeling of running the 10 miler and making that my max distance.  From here on out, all distances need to be in the lower end.

Off Season Week 4 Highlights

  • Skipped 10 weekend run to let body rehab a bit and spend time with wife.
  • Completed a spin and pilates class.
  • Allot of time stretching and foam rolling.
  • Did a quick set of speed laps and beet my best 100 meter time going from 2:08 to 1:58.  Might not be able to maintain that speed, but I broke 2 minutes.
  • Completed an interval run session.

This weeks plan

  • 2-3 Weight sessions – based on how I feel heading into the weekend I might nix the Friday weight session to allow a bit of extra recovery.
  • Running:  Tuesday -5 Miles/Thursday:4-5 miles/Saturday or Sunday:6-8 miles depending on feel.
  • Spinning:  Thursday spin class and whenever I need some recovery.
  • Swimming: Til I finish the half marathon this is the last of my focus.  Next week, as I dial back my running til marathon day I will spend most of my training time in the pool and on the spin bike.
  • Allot of stretch and rolling – keep the hips happy.

Attempt at taking a selfie at the gym.

Attempt at taking a selfie at the gym.

Pretty basic and to the point.  I am dropping the speed work from this week and shooting for three runs of about 4-5 miles apiece and six for the weekend.  I might only do the Tuesday and Saturday run and omit Thursdays based on how I feel, but I will play it by ear to see how it feels.  I decided on this go that I would do 10 miles and then back down, instead of doing the distance once before the race.  I am hoping this will help prepare me better and give me fresher legs going into my race next Thursday.  One thing I have learned from my race season is that you can do less and be ready for a race or you can do too much and take yourself out of a race.  I prefer to err on the side of doing a little less and trusting my body and mind to get me to the finish line.  I have ran 10.3 miles and I felt good.  One more gel and I would have had the remaining three miles wrapped up and the crowd to carry me forward.  Next week cannot get here fast enough.  For now I need to see how things feel and progress and take each day as it comes and feel it out.  Just have to make sure I am healthy enough to get to the start line. Til next time.
Any suggestions for how I need to train running wise heading to my first Half Marathon next week?  Leave it in the comments.

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