Using GPS for Unique Island Memory

DSC03454Last November I took a much needed vacation, I took a Cruise to the Bahamas and Grand Turk.  Now that I am getting caught up on some things I figured I would finally post some of the details of that trip and maybe some of the pictures.  If you have read this blog for a while you will remember that it was on this trip that I did one of the craziest things of my life… I swam freestyle for a mile in the ocean (details here).  In that post there is a very high in the sky areal photograph of my swim as that is the largest scale they have available.  On this trip, the first stop was the Bahamas. It was at the Bahamas that I really wanted to try this GPS mapping thing, so I turned on my watch and recorded the day with my watch.

I have visited the island of the Bahamas before and have never really been impressed.  Most of the attraction is the giant Atlantis hotel and some other small attractions. With an open mind though, my wife who has never been to the island and I set off to wander the town.  One order of business lied in buying her a straw hat at the Straw Market.  The straw market is legendary for Bahamas local crafts; its hand made straw hats, purses and other items.   The difficulty is that it is a hagglers paradise.  Everyday for the month leading up to the vacation my wife constantly iterated that she wanted a straw hat.  The straw market did not disappoint.  Me and the wife left there a few dollars lighter, but we both had straw hats and felt like we drove a pretty good deal.  Our secret was to walk away when we did not think the price was good or reasonable, often the vendor immediately reformulated the deal and in our case, they tossed in my hat as well.  So I had to figure out what to do with two hats, as I often wear a fedora.bahamaswalking

My walking path from the ship to Junkanoo beach and back. Click for full size (really cool)

From the straw market we decided to walk to the fish fry, a grouping of restaurants more catered to local fare that appeared to be only a mile or so away.  Before we hit the fish fry, we came across Junkanoo Beach, I assume named after the popular island festival.  This beach was a tiny beach that overlooked the mouth of the bay.  The water was gorgeous and the beach was covered with white powdery sand.  There were several brightly colored shacks selling various items from beer and liquor to beer and various types of food.  I have a weakness for conch and conch fritters and the wife and I found one where the people seemed a little pushy but overly friendly. We ordered two island beers and a side of conch fritters at a very reasonable price and took one of the few nearby tables.  There we had pure bliss, a beautiful ocean a nice breeze and a lovely island day with cheap beer and conch fritters.  That was truly the highlight of the day… enjoying a nice peaceful and relaxing afternoon together with the wife.

Til next time.

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