Turkeyday Bike Ride

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  Now that the feasting is complete, I hope everyone forgets any transgressions and remember there is work to be done.  Focusing on bad eating habit for one day encourages unproductive behavior.  Instead its best to enjoy and move on, staying positive towards future goals and aspirations.  Before feasting on Thanksgiving day I decided since I was at my mother in-laws house, which is really close to numerous road bike routes and rural traffic, I wanted to get a bike ride in.  Initially I was planning on doing the same 20 miles I had done last week after running my 5k race.  Instead, I realized that dinner might be done early and even a quick 6 mile ride was better than nothing.  I ended up getting turned around and finished with 12 hard fought hilly miles.

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One of the difficulties with riding in Georgia lies in the fact that the further north you go from Atlanta, the hills get bigger and steeper.  While not in North Georgia, this route and road system are far enough north of Atlanta to provide some serious technical climbs that had my quads burning at the top.  It is pretty bad when you are in the lowest gear (can pedal at a constant smooth cadence) and you have no gears left and a hill is steep enough that you start to feel your energy drain as you climb.  But you put your legs, heart and soul into the climb and you get to the top and then the reward of down hill or another uphill hits you.  Thus the joys of riding in northern Georgia.  A couple of challenging climbs is fun, numerous challenging climbs provides an arduous soul searching experience.  You have to pull out the reserves to finish some of these climbs from deep inside, the legs are burning, hips are getting sore, you fear the bike is going to slow down enough to fall over with you on it, yet you keep pushing the pedal down and up and just keep grinding to the top.  Then elation, its the top, your breathing heavy, heart is pounding, but you did it. Oh no, there is another one.  This is the battle of riding in North Georgia. But I did it, I rode every hill and steep section and pushed through it.  Maybe its easier for better, more fit people, but for me it was a struggle, one I rose

On easy inclines I tried to keep my mph around 6-8 and downhills I let it fly. On flat sections and slight inclines I tried to keep the pace around 16-18 and overall that worked pretty well.  One of the cool things about riding is that you can just enjoy the scenery as you get onto flat or slightly steep areas. It was very picturesque with perfect riding weather.  I feel like I am progressing in my control of my bike as I get more mileage and more time on the wheels.  One of the funny things I found was that I had gone off the marked road paths and had to occasionally rely on my phone’s GPS numerous times to figure out my bearings.  Overall a great ride,fortunately I cut it short as dinner was ready early, and I did not want to miss food after this ride.  Til next time.

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