Oh No Its Wednesday

Can’t believe it is Wednesday already and even that is almost over.  After racing this weekend at 1:50 A.M. (Details here) a week after my first race (details here) I have been feeling tired and out of it so far.  I missed running Monday and yesterday and should be getting my first run in tonight.  I should not feel that tired, just had a recovery week two weeks ago and I kept my training hours last week below 8 hours so I should feel rested and ready to tackle training for my first triathlon and next 5k race.  

It has to be the weather and/or the elections. Here in Georgia it has been dreary the last couple of days, not very conducive to running.  Think wet and cold and windy and that is the weather where I live.  I should just suck it up and go run and that is exactly what I plan to do tonight.  

So besides missing a few running workouts, I had a good pilates class last night and I have had two solid swim workouts so far.  I can feel the endurance capabilities increasing a little bit more everyday.  March here I come!

Speaking of March, when I set up my training schedule I had to base my race selection and dates on the historical placement of races.  For the last four years the Early Bird Triathlon has started the first week of March and the Lagrange Triathlon starts at the end of March. Well the company hosting both triathlons moved things around this year and now the early bird triathlon is starting in the beginning of April and the Lagrange Triathlon is starting in the middle of March. So, my first triathlon will start 2 weeks later than I planned for. I had to adjust my schedule to match. Luckily the training schedule only needed a little modification later in the program.  So I get two extra weeks to train.  I guess a good thing is that the Early Bird I w as looking to do first initially had a 400 meter pool swim where as the one that I replaced it with only has a 300 meter pool swim.  So this should be good for my first triathlon.  Otherwise, all the rest of my planned races fall when I expected them, so it looks like I am on for next summer.

One cool thing, the race I did this weekend continues to impress me. I recieved nice little thank you letter with links to the photographer, facebook pages and additional links to race times.  The note had a hint of things to come, but really focused on summing up the race and thanking the participants.  To me this is an amazing class act, amazingly it is not done more often when it just takes a little time to compose and send.  I am very impressed by the organizers of this race.,

So a mediocre wednesday.  Time to put my head down and pull the rest of this week out of the slumps and finish it strong. Til next time.

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    1. Chatter Post author

      You are always so positive, its refreshing. My attitude will pick up once I get my run in tonight, it usually does. Somehow my moods are usually affected by my workouts, miss a run and I am in a bad mood for a while.

  1. tanail88

    Pool swims are a lot of fun. Usually they require a 100 m swim time to place you in starting order. My advice to you would be to practice going under the ropes in the pool. The first time I did a pool swim in a triathlon that was the thing that threw me off. Hope your week gets better. I’m itching for a run but I want to allow plenty of time for my body to recover. Might go for a quick run tonight, who knows. Best of luck in training this week!


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