Week 15 Goals – The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Sunrise at hunting island SC.

Last week was such a disappointing week.  But, today is the start of a new week and so I need to take last weeks disappointments and set goals for this week to rectify those.  Instead of just posting my goal workouts, I am going to try and set some specific external goals as well.  These action items will be achievable goals with measurable outcomes that I think will be just as important as my targeted workout goals.

First my work out goals for the week.  They are not much different than last weeks, but I hope to get more hours in this week.  I have been under 6 hours a week so far, I want to get at least an additional hour of work in this week.

  • Monday: Tempo Run/Drill and speed swim
  • Tuesday: Weight Lifting/Spin class
  • Wednesday: Speed Run/ Intensive endurance swim
  • Thursday: Weight Lifting
  • Friday: 2 mile easy run
  • Saturday: Open water swim/Long run – 3 miles is the goal
  • Sunday – Spin Class – 2 in a row

So there are my workout goals. Note I have not been successful in getting in weight lifting or the Sunday spin class in before.  Both are direct results of how my body feels from running or other workouts.  Also, Saturday might be difficult as the open water swim usually wears me out.  But I really want to hit 3 miles this week so I will have to play it by ear.

My other goals for the week that are not visible in the workout schedule:

  • Make all 3 swim workouts (I missed some last week)
  • Try to start in the morning with the run work outs (Not a good start this morning, but there are other days left)
  • 7-8 Hours of sleep everyday
  • Blog once a day except on the weekends
  • Eat healthy and list food in livestrong/daily plate
  • Start reading Hunger Games (I promised my wife I would do this forever ago)
  • Do something around the house 3 times in the week as per wife’s wants

I think that is a pretty good weekly set of goals to aim for. At the end of the week I will assess both sets of goals like I did last week.  I am really digging this process of making my blog a record of accountability for my goals and progress.

If you like the picture I used or the one in my banner, both are from a collection of photographs I took from Hunting Island State Park SC.  If you want to see additional photographs click the picture to be taken to the public album.

Those are my goals, what are yours? Til next time…

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  1. trikatykid

    Remember that rest is an important part of becoming a better athlete. I know you had a “restful” week this past week, but perhaps you should take a rest day mid-week? You have a fully loaded work week there and I don’t want you to feel disappointed again this week when your body couldn’t handle it .. you are doing great! I had to re-write my training week and it seems much easier than what I had been doing, which is apparently what my body really needed anyway. We’ll see how it goes! Good luck this week! Do you have rewards for your efforts this week? A way to celebrate milestones?

    1. Chatter Post author

      In a way Thursday ends up being a rest week. If I get my workout in early enough it works as a good break before starting the longer heavy endurance workouts. I celebrate small milestones just by being happy I did them. My monthly prize is going camping with the wife this weekend and taking next Thursday to Monday off for DragonCon.

  2. ichoosetolivestronger

    Great goals Chatter! But that is a fully packed week especially when adding your wife’s TO DO list three times this week! What were you thinking?? ha ha Hunger games…great read. Make sure reading is a reward for getting workouts done though because you won’t be able to put it down. 🙂 Love to see the weight lifting in your goals. It’s my FAVORITE part of my week. Cardio on my rest days…blah.

    1. Chatter Post author

      The weight lifting is mostly there to help strengthen weaknesses in my muscles and to aid injury prevention. The fun part of that is the plyometric exercises I added in. Yeah, its a pretty full workout week. My wife usually has me doing small things that only take an hour or so, most of them this week will be aimed at getting ready for camping this weekend.
      Right now running is my favorite part of my week, love seeing myself get stronger and pushing the mileage a little at a time. 🙂

  3. sanumaria

    A beginner triathlete (whoa, a big word) here 🙂 I’m probably going to read your blog from the beginning, but still gotta ask already. Why triathlon? 🙂

  4. Chatter Post author

    It just seemed like the right challenge for me. Seemed like something that would keep me fully engaged and interested to get myself in shape. I started with running a 5k and worked my way up till I realized I needed more.


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