Week 13 Is in the Books!!!

Wow, finished 3 months or 13 weeks of triathlon training so far!  It feels great to knock off the first week of month four and start looking forward to the next couple of months.  This is not my first weight loss rodeo.  I have lost weight and started programs numerous times before.  Once upon a time back in 2008 I was 365 pounds and in December 2010 I was 345.  Eventually I got it down to 320 and 310 to where I started triathlon training in May and eventually this blog.  The trend existed that I would start eating right and weight train with a little cardio for a month or two.  This lead to eventually increasingly out of control eating and to increasingly infrequent sessions in the gym.  Miraculously I rarely gained the weight back I had previously put on.  Often it would take months before I restarted the cyle, to lose a little more.

What is different this time is that I have a true goal, a plan that I am going to see through to the end, I want to do a triathlon and I want to enjoy it. The original goal sprouted from my running goal of completing a 5k, which I plan to do on the 6th of October, blossoming into a larger goal of successfully completing a triathlon and further transforming into a season of triathlon races. The reason for this lies in the necessity of creating a goal that is far reaching enough to drive me to good health by the time I turn 40 next year and will have me in the best shape of my life!  I am celebrating week 13!

I have mentioned in previous posts that for the first 3 months I focused on laying the ground work to build my harder workout ahead off of.  I also mentioned that I am starting that now, sorta of  a middle phase before I start my base phase.  Great thing is I can take a little more risk in my training now, pushing a little harder and trying a few riskier endurance training exercises.

Week 13 In Numbers

  • Hours of Training:  6
  • 3 Swim Sessions (1 of which was open water),4 run sessions, 1 spin class
  • Run Miles:  8.03

I am extremely happy with this progress so far.  I was barely running 5 miles in the previous phase.  I did not get any lifting sessions in as I wanted an extra week to adapt to the increased hour load and heavier endurance focus.  6 hours is only up by 1-2 hours from previous training, but allot more of this was running or swimming with less rest than previous weeks.  I am aiming to get up to 10 hours by the middle of October when I start my base training phase.  So overall I can’t wait to see what week 14 numbers look like.

Till next time.

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