Gorgeous Day For a Run: A Change in Mindset

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Achieved a new milestone today, a thirty minute run just shy of two miles!!! I was shooting for 2 miles but miscalculated the warm up distance.  Does not matter, I ran the whole thing without stopping.  While this was awesome for me, the biggest thing was the change in mindset I realized that led me to starting this run.  Earlier in the day I stepped outside and realized it was in the 80s and perfect out.  Unlike my old way of thinking, witch would have just turned around and head back to the couch for hours more television, I immediately knew I would be going for  a run, the weather was too perfect.

This change in mindset is a big deal for me.  The couch used to hold so much sway that lying around and watching television seemed like an ideal way to spend my day.  Now, things have changed.  I still enjoy a nice lazy time in front of the television, but I would rather be recovering after a wonderful run or swim.  My mindset has shifted, at least a little, in a  positive direction toward prioritizing fitness related activity over couch surfing.  My point is that mentally I am beginning to make positive changes in my outlook, its not all physical!!!  I want to be active and feel great doing things outdoor involving sport and activity.

Now onto yesterdays run.  I decided I wanted to try and use the Gym’s hot tub and sauna for some recovery time providing I could get it in before they closed.  The gym is surrounded by side walks and there was one path that has slight hills but looked like it would work well for a long run.  For me, anything more than a mile is a long run as I had only previously ran 25 minutes straight and that was just over a mile.  So I finished one mile and originally thought I would walk for a minute or two at this point.  Instead I decided I wanted to push it and see how far I could go.  All through out the run I played games mentally, promising to stop once at the top of a hill or around a bend.  Before I knew it I was back at where I started and I had gone what I thought was two miles (actually was 1.81 or something like that and was 4 seconds shy of 30 minutes.  If I knew that I could have gone for another 20th of a mile!  I am still extremely happy with this progress and ecstatic at being able to run this long.  Click the picture at top for more details.  Also, I finished with plenty of time to throw in a cold shower and a hot tub session.  Did not have to get into my car a sweaty mess!!!  Good stuff is happening!!!

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  1. tanail88

    Great job man! I started running being completely out of shape and obese. I couldn’t even run a mile without dying. With work and a lot of training I’ve increased me distance, started racing in triathlons, and I’m currently training for my first half-marathon! Keep up the good work and reap the rewards!

    1. Chatter Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement. I will have to read through your blog, looks like some good reads. This journey is just stating for me. If you look at some of my older posts, I was in the same boat 3 months ago, 30 seconds and max heart rate, slow recovery.

  2. tanail88

    I need to try to post more consistently on my blog. I’ll read through yours as well. I’m trying to find more blogs to keep up with and it looks like you follow quite a few. Ill have to check out some of them.

    1. Chatter Post author

      I probably read too many, but it is great to see so many people making positive changes. Also I enjoy sharing in other peoples journeys, and learn from their experiences. If anything, it is a great place to exchange minutia flowing from the head during training!

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