Three Months… Is that Really All The Weight I Lost?

When I started this triathlon adventure back in May I weighed in at 308 pounds with a 54 inch waist (I wore 50 inch pants though).  I had visible flab around my chest and legs, even though muscle was visable.  Today I am 300 pounds but that is only part of the story.  The graph shows the crazy weight adventure I have had over the last three months.  Heading into July I got down to 296 and was ecstatic to finally be below the 300 mark.  The biggest change was in July when I rocketed up to 312 pounds.  I had very little dietary changes and I was still working out 5-7 hours a week.

Oddly, my 3x shirts were starting to look huge on me.  I tried on some 2x shirts I had from slimmer days and they hung  just right in all the right places.  My legs got more muscular with noticeable reductions in flab (actually they gained 1/2 an inch) and my waist went down to 50 inches (the edge of size 48 inch pants).  The oddest change was the feeling that none of my shirts felt right at the top, they pulled funny from the back and sides.  I believe this was directly an outcome of the 3 swim sessions a week and swim specific muscles getting larger.  I had never felt this from any of my stints weight lifting!

So now the weight is on the decline again and hopefully my body has hit a balance point to where I can start losing again.  It all really goes to show though that the scale does not always tell it all.  I can run 30 minutes and swim a km, I am in the best shape I have ever been in and at 300 pounds I fit into 48 inch pants and 2x shirts, something that I still find totally contradictory based on previous experience at this weight!!!

So much fun to be had and even more to go, till next time.

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  1. missionmightymom

    Fantastic job! You are such an inspiration. Anyone who pushes themselves to take such risks for the sake of a healthier life deserves much respect. Your determination will yield success. Stay patient with your fitness journey. Its a marathon, not a sprint. Best of luck!

  2. Chatter Post author

    Thank you! I am truly inspired personally by all the people striving to make their lives better on wordpress blogs. It truly is an amazing community and a wonderful place to share this journey I am on.

  3. rhyex

    The scale definitely doesn’t tell it all! Especially when you’re working out and building muscles, since they weigh more than fat does =) I’ve seen so many people lose their motivation because their scale wasn’t being very friendly, even though they needed smaller clothes… It’s such a shame. I think you’re doing a fantastic job =D!

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